Civil War US Killing Custer Hard Cover Reference Book


Civil War US Killing Custer Hard Cover Reference Book, total no of pages 320, with lots of photos and information

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Discover an in-depth exploration of a pivotal moment in American history with the “Civil War US Killing Custer Hard Cover Reference Book.” This meticulously detailed volume spans 320 pages and is enriched with numerous photographs that bring history to life. Delve into the profound narrative surrounding the life and death of the legendary General George Armstrong Custer. This comprehensive reference book provides extensive information on Custer’s role during the Civil War and his fateful encounter at the Battle of Little Bighorn. Perfect for historians, enthusiasts, and students, this hardcover edition offers an authoritative account, combining vivid imagery with well-researched content to offer readers a captivating glimpse into the past. Whether for academic purposes or personal interest, this book serves as an essential resource for understanding one of the most intriguing figures of the Civil War era.

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