Canadian Visiting Ships Programme HMCS Chaudière Riviere Du Loupe Reference Book


This is a used softcover Canadian Visiting Ships Programme HMCS Chaudière To Riviere Du Loupe May 5 1967 to May 8 1967 Reference Book.  Total of 15 pages with lots of information.

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The ‘Canadian Visiting Ships Programme HMCS Chaudière Riviere Du Loup Reference Book’ is a historically valuable softcover publication chronicling the visit of HMCS Chaudière to Riviere Du Loup from May 5 to May 8, 1967. Spanning 15 pages, this reference book is replete with detailed information and insightful content pertaining to the event, making it an indispensable resource for maritime historians, naval enthusiasts, and collectors alike. Each page is filled with a myriad of details, including itineraries, contextual history, and perhaps firsthand accounts or images from the visit. This program provides a unique snapshot of the Canadian naval presence and public engagements during a pivotal time in history, capturing a memorable period of interaction between the Royal Canadian Navy and the community of Riviere Du Loup. Whether for study or collection, this reference book offers a compelling look into a notable naval event.


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