Canadian Militia 9th Mississauga Horse Large Jacket Button


Canadian Militia 9th Mississauga Horse Large Jacket Button

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The “Canadian Militia 9th Mississauga Horse Large Jacket Button” is a distinctive piece of historical military memorabilia. This authentic button is a representation of the proud heritage of the 9th Mississauga Horse regiment, a distinguished unit in the Canadian Militia. Crafted with exceptional detail, the button likely features intricate engravings emblematic of the regiment’s rich history and contributions. Measuring larger than typical buttons, it was designed specifically for the jackets of the servicemen, ensuring both functionality and a prominent display of regimental pride. Whether you are a military history enthusiast or a collector of antique uniform accessories, this large jacket button serves as a tangible connection to Canada’s storied past, reflecting the valor and tradition of the mounted forces of the early 20th century. Its robust construction and historical significance make it a valuable addition to any collection of military artifacts.





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