Canadian CSIS Covert Entry Spies Lies and Crimes Reference Book


This is a used hardcover Canadian CSIS Covert Entry Spies Lies and Crimes Inside Canadas Secret Service Reference Book. Total of 358 pages with lots of pictures and information.

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“Canadian CSIS Covert Entry: Spies, Lies, and Crimes Reference Book” delves deep into the clandestine world of Canada’s Secret Intelligence Service. This comprehensive hardcover edition, spanning 358 pages, offers an unflinching examination of the covert operations and the complex web of espionage activities undertaken by CSIS. Richly illustrated with numerous photographs, this reference book unveils the shadowy realm of spies and their covert entries, detailing the ingenious methods employed and the often concealed truths behind their missions. From gripping accounts of high-stakes espionage to meticulously researched analyses of major intelligence operations, this book is an essential resource for understanding the intricate workings of CSIS. Ideal for enthusiasts of espionage, students of intelligence studies, and anyone intrigued by the hidden forces that shape national security, it provides a rare glimpse into the secretive and often controversial actions carried out in the name of protecting Canada.

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