Canadian Civil Defence Health Armband Brassard


Canadian Civil Defence Health Armband Brassard

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The “Canadian Civil Defence Health Armband Brassard” is a historically significant piece representing the critical role of civil defence during periods of national emergencies in Canada. Typically worn by personnel engaged in health and safety operations, this brassard would have been an essential identifier on the field. Constructed with durable materials to withstand rigorous conditions, it proudly features the recognized insignia and markings associated with Canadian civil defence services. The armband was often donned by medical staff, first responders, and volunteers, marking their authority and dedication to public welfare. This piece not only serves as a functional item for emergency scenarios but also stands as a tribute to the collective efforts of those who worked tirelessly to protect and heal communities during times of crisis. Whether as a collector’s item or a piece of Canadian history, the armband is a poignant reminder of the bravery and resilience that define civil defence efforts.





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