British Who’s Who in the Zulu War Volume 1 Hard Cover Reference Book


British Who’s Who in the Zulu War Volume 1 Hard Cover¬† Reference Book. Total of 196 pages with lots of information and photos.¬†

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“British Who’s Who in the Zulu War Volume 1” is a meticulously researched hard cover reference book that delves into the lives and roles of notable British figures during the Zulu War. Spanning 196 pages, this volume provides a wealth of information, enriched with numerous photographs, bringing historical accounts to life. Ideal for historians, researchers, and military enthusiasts, the book offers detailed biographies and insightful context about the key personalities who influenced and participated in this pivotal conflict. Its comprehensive coverage makes it an essential addition to any historical collection, providing readers with a deeper understanding of the individuals whose actions shaped the course of the Zulu War. This first volume sets the stage for a series that promises to be an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to uncover the human stories behind history’s great events.


Indian Wars (1866-97)





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