British Royal Artillery RA Officers Cap Badge Insignia


British Royal Artillery RA Officers Cap Badge Insignia

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The British Royal Artillery (RA) Officers Cap Badge Insignia is a striking symbol of tradition and honor worn by officers of the British Army’s artillery regiment. Crafted with meticulous detail, this insignia showcases the historic and iconic elements associated with the Royal Artillery. At its center, the design typically features a crowned cannon, epitomizing the regiment’s artillery capabilities and heritage. The motto “Ubique” (Everywhere) reflects the extensive and global service of the regiment, while “Quo Fas Et Gloria Ducunt” (Where Right And Glory Lead) underscores the values of duty and honor. Made from high-quality materials, this cap badge is both a functional accoutrement and a cherished emblem of service. Collectors and military enthusiasts alike admire this insignia for its historical significance and intricate craftsmanship. Whether part of a uniform or in a display case, the RA Officers Cap Badge Insignia represents the proud legacy of the Royal Artillery.





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