British Colours and Standards 1747 to 1881 1 Osprey No 77 SC Reference Book


This is a used softcover British Colours and Standards 1747 to 1881 1 Osprey No 77 Reference Book.  Total of 64 pages with lots of pictures and information.

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“British Colours and Standards 1747 to 1881” (Osprey No. 77) offers a comprehensive exploration of British military flags, banners, and standards over a period of nearly 150 years. This 64-page softcover reference book is packed with detailed illustrations and informative content, making it an indispensable resource for historians, enthusiasts, and modelers alike. Delve into the evolution and significance of these emblems, which played a crucial role on the battlefield and in ceremonious representations of regimental pride. Whether you are conducting academic research or simply have an interest in military history, this meticulously researched volume provides a wealth of visual and factual data. The book’s concise format ensures an engaging and accessible reading experience, offering a vivid glimpse into the visual heritage of the British Army during a transformative era.





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