British Ceremonial Uniforms of the World Reference Book


This is a used hardcover British Ceremonial Uniforms of the World Reference Book.  Total of 80 pages with lots of pictures and information.

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Discover the rich heritage and grandeur of British ceremonial attire with the “British Ceremonial Uniforms of the World Reference Book.” This meticulously curated hardcover edition offers an in-depth look at the opulent uniforms worn in various British ceremonies. Spanning 80 pages, the book is filled with detailed descriptions and vivid photographs that bring to life the elegance and tradition of these iconic uniforms. From the scarlet tunics of the Foot Guards to the ornate robes of royal occasions, each page reveals the history and significance behind the uniforms. Perfect for historians, military enthusiasts, and costume designers, this reference book serves as an invaluable resource, shedding light on the intricate details and craftsmanship that define British ceremonial dress. Whether you’re a collector or simply fascinated by military regalia, this book promises an informative and visually captivating exploration into the world of British ceremonial uniforms.

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