British Battles and Medals from 1588 Maj Lawrence L Gordon HC Reference Book


This is a used hardcover British Battles and Medals Campaign Medals from 1588 Maj Lawrence L Gordon Reference Book.  Total of 451 pages with lots of pictures and information.

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“British Battles and Medals from 1588” by Maj Lawrence L. Gordon is a comprehensive reference book that offers an in-depth exploration of British military history and the evolution of campaign medals. This hardcover volume spans 451 pages and is rich with detailed photographs and extensive information. Written by an expert in the field, Maj Lawrence L. Gordon, the book meticulously documents significant battles from 1588 onwards, providing valuable insights into the historical context and significance of each conflict. Additionally, it delves into the development and design of campaign medals awarded to honor acts of valor and service. Whether you are a historian, a military enthusiast, or a collector of medals, this reference book serves as an invaluable resource, combining thorough research with visually engaging content. Discover the legacy of British martial prowess and the stories behind the medals that commemorate bravery and sacrifice.


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