At Military Antiques Toronto we have been involved in the military antiques industry for more than 30 years in Toronto, Ontario Canada and have established a reputation for high quality, authentic military collectibles ranging from modern day insignia and medals, headgear/helmets and uniform items that date back as far as the 30 Years War.

We also have a wide range of antique firearms edged weapons including bayonets and swords issued in the 1700s and personal items like hat boxes, often named. Virtually every country is represented, including Germany, during both the Imperial and Third Reich periods. We invite collectors of the latter items to visit our shop, online or in person to see our vast library of badges, medals, daggers and uniforms but we do not endorse the politics of the period. Our numerous display cases are filled with scrap books, photographs, engraved cigarette cases and other personal items carried by the brave men of the army, navy and air force in times of war and the majority of our medal groups are named and come with paperwork that establishes their provenance.

The staff here, at Military Antiques Toronto are both enthusiastic and well versed in the history of the hundreds of antique items on the shelves in the showroom and only too happy to explain their history, either in person or online. It is that passion that made Military Antiques Toronto one of the oldest and most successful military shops in the country.

But don't take our word for it - browse our catalogue or better yet, stop in at 51 Lesmill Road, in Toronto.